Company Novell / SuSE, which is responsible for one of the most popular Linux distributions, also offers Linux training. You can choose between the various levels of education and products (NetWare, Linux Desktop, ZENworks), the provision of certification (CNA, CNE, CNI, NCLE, McNeil and others.) and customized trainings.

The offer of Novell / SuSE trainings include, the use of Linux desktops, Linux systems administration, migration to Linux system and others.

NCLP studies - full path to Certified Linux Professional!

NCLP Study is purposed for those who are in any way interested in Linux administration. It is one the top world certificated IT professional titles, since it synonymous for high degree of professionalism and knowledge. It consists of three separate courses, namely:

The course is practical and tested on numerous cases around the world and also in Slovenia, our longstanding partnership with Novell / SuSE allows you to train yourself at verified company. All our lecturers are experienced and certified Linux engineers with more than 10 years of experience in Linux administration.

Select the best route to your new certificate!